Monday, February 28, 2005

March Hair

March Hair

List of things to accomplish by end of march. Not necessarily in any order.
  1. Cut hair into pleasing shape. Add color.
  2. Paint main room and bathrooms. Maybe tackle bedrooms.
  3. Revamp my Website.
  4. Revamp Beate's Website.
  5. Get the BedRoom Soundtracks project started and underway.
  6. Get a short film started in time for 3 dollar Bill Deadline.
  7. Meet 10 New People
  8. Volunteer. Somewhere. Possibly here.
  9. Read two books. One for work. One for pleasure.
  10. Plan Dinner Party for Parents when they arrive in April.

That should keep me busy for 4 weeks. But in case not and I need more to do: I also need to cut back on booze, trans fat and bad choices. I should stay home more, eat out less and exercise. I should not spend money on frivilous housewares and projects I'll not start. I should go to First Thursday (this thursday) and purchase art in Occidental Square. I should make wise investments. I should get rid of half of my unworn and ill-fitting wardrobe. I should get rid of unneccessary expenses that i no longer use (like my fotoblog - or I should take more pictures and use it). I should clean house once a week. I should clean the porch (file that under parental party in April). I should stop taking cabs to and from Capitol Hill and take the bus. Or I should buy a bike and start riding it.

Oh - crap - and I need to get my taxes into my CPA by early (possibly tomorrow) March...

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