Friday, March 04, 2005

Not/All About Me

I read a review of this book, and decided to purchase it... I'm bending a self-reflexive rule here by talking aloud to myself in a blog (which people may or may not read as much) and demonstrating Zengotita's premise that all is indeed enabled vanity. I want to find out however what this sense of self is... I think that we're all constantly checking ourselves out -- and seldom other people. This holds apparent (I posted a personal ad, it's a featured spot on the Stranger homepage - yet no one responds -- why? It's driving me insane... I suspect it's because everyone's focused on looking at themselves and how they relate to others. Hence - no one makes a move.) In any case - I'll have to see just how self-absorbed and centered I am when I get it.
I'm halfway through the Tynan biography. Actually - big lie, I'm skipping around it like a distracted schoolchild with ADD and reading bit parts. It does make me realize how connected he was to everything (writers, artists, pop stars) - advanced for his time in an era when information was more priveledge than commodity. I think we should all be forced to take tests on popular culture every year. Those who fail miserably should be hired immediately to write for television while the crop of last year's TV writers are sent into the wilderness to reflect.

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