Monday, June 24, 2002

I made the mistake of telling my barber that my source year for hair is no longer 1979... I decided to ditch the John Ritter Shag go a bit short and spiky for summer, but to leave it full on the sides and back, but with the rule that it doesn't become a mullet. Well - long story short, I got a very lesbian style mullet from the 80's... Unfortunately, I can't even sport this out of irony... So I went and bought this Wahl home clipper kit with gaurdes and the whole 9 yards. I trimmed up the back and got rid of the mullet... Although, the back is still somewhat too full. I dare not touch it without supervision, however - lest I want a repeat of the headshaving incident of 1993.
In any case - I saw Guy Madden's Twilight of the Ice Nymphs, and unfortunately wasn't impressed. His earlier works (Careful and Tales from the Glimli Hospital) are far better, and interestingly enough, don't have quite the budget that Nymphs had... This later film, he abandon's his usual expressionist, intentional-faded/poor film quality for a big set saturated in cinematic color. Hopefully follow up attempts he'll remain true to form...

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