Thursday, June 27, 2002

This made the rounds eons ago, but I've just recently discovered the joy's of Triumph the Insult Dog and his sparring with Star War's freaks outside the premiere of Episode 2... Hillair!
Speaking of geeks - I broke my glasses, which is sadly pathetic. I am always banging away at them or they go flying off my face and remain scratchless, but today the frame broke that was holding the lense in place sending the lense to the floor and chipping it. It came right when I was making a point or telling a story to a friend I hadn't seen in a while, so it created this awkward, humorless moment and I caught myself thinking why I don't choose to wear contacts... I am a gigantic klutz in general. I am uncoordinated and when I walk, I tend to barely miss accidents by a centimeter... but I usually fall backwards on something or bump into blind people as I am pointing out things on the street. I spill coffee on innocent bystanders and barista's... Does anyone know a sport that makes you more agile? Perhaps I should take up knife-throwing...

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