Saturday, December 07, 2002

Sigh - Does it have subtitles?

A tale of Distributors, Foreign Film and Sophia Loren's boobies in this article in Salon... While there are worse power struggles in the world, I think we should all realize how much power distributors hold...
It still amazes me that people can't get past the FORIEGN = OTHER = BAD paradigm. How frekkin 1950's can you be, Jack Valenti???
I recall meeting the director Alex Cox and how he explained how he got railroaded by the distributors for his film Highway Patrolman. Because it was a) entirely in Spanish b) filmed with unknowns and c) took place in Mexico (all of this a decade before Amores Perros finally broke the barrier)...
However - maybe distributors are just the voice of the complacent middle American public - the megaplex goers who think Soderbergh is difficult. Another amusing anecdote relayed by a coworker who lived in nameless-southern state: apparently, mainstream theaters had to publish in bold print that "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon does contain subtitles and you will be required to read".
While we continue to hold onto our prejudices, I can only feel bad for poor Sophia who bared it all... (she looks great, btw!)

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