Wednesday, December 04, 2002

"In many ways, we are viewed as the rich guy living on the hill"

Hmmm... Interesting, this article.
I can't help but think this something that is always felt by someone at a party, but you're not quite sure -- am I uncouth, uncultured, loud, bourgoise? Or am I indeed adored? America and it's vanities... I think we're always asking people from other countries what they think of us. We know our limits, but we also know our compassion... but we never are told them to our face. We're the rich guy living on the hill. No one would dare say something... Perhaps we're the rich guy on the hill - Of rich guys on the hill - perhaps we're kind of like a shade paler of Jay Gatsby (we can't all look like Robert Redford), but we're a shade nicer than Tony Soprano (sometimes - depending on what our foriegn policy is)...
But America is never about asking how we look. We're over that. We know we look good. We've got money. We've got talent. We're gonna be somebody. Oh - we already are somebody? Why thank you, you are too kind! Who are you, again?

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