Sunday, May 26, 2002

Oooh lordy. I am a bad boy... I didn't really eat well yesterday, and neglected to do cardio since last monday. Dana threw a party for Laura at her place, so there was lotta booze and food... Luckily I abstained from drinking and managed to keep a 10ft radius from the plate of Krispy Kremes that someone brought (although had a donut from TopPot earlier that afternoon)... Still, the fact that I've been away from the gym for a week, been kind of sick and not doing any cardio activity is making me a bit lethargic... Maybe I need to take part in PuNk RoCk AeRoBiCs!!!!! (Ok - obnoxious aside: but excuse me - I had this same idea in the 80's when I used to go to shows and was sweatin out the toxins to DOA and the Pixies... sheesh.)

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