Thursday, March 14, 2002

We're fighting for table service and tequila tonight - Dine Out is tonight and we're going to Duex Tamales (brother of Les Tamales in W. Seattle), a French-Mexican resteraunt in Columbia City. I'm waiting for Dana to show up, after laboring on reviews and fighting my inbox for the last 9 hours, boy do I need a drink...
In any case, the Stranger reported the alarming news Broadway Market Cinema is closing. Surprising because I thought they were doing relatively ok (recession-proof entertainment?)... I guess that leaves us with just 3 theaters (Egyptian, Harvard E, and Little Theater). In alot of ways the BM (as we lovingly called it) was good at taking chances and playing alot of indie cinema. On the other hand, alot of the indie cinema they had were the really bad cast-offs from Strand Releasing (insert "2 gay cowboys eating pudding joke" here), or they kept the one success indie-movie until you wanted to scream at them to stop the umpteenth showing of Trainspotting or Pi. Oh well, it will be missed. I guess they are going to put a gym in there. Hmm - looks like we're all going to gym these days as opposed to the movies.

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