Saturday, March 16, 2002

...Spent this morning watching my latest DVD aquisition - Criterions triple box set of Terry Gilliam's Brazil. I remember seeing this movie as a teen and being blown away by it's Orwellian plotline and stunning visual effects. My friends and I must have seen it dozens of times at the theater and eventually repeated viewings on video (quoting lines ad nauseum, "my complication had a complication", "This is your receipt for your husband ... and this is my receipt for your receipt", "Care for a little necrophilia? Hmmm?") Needless to say, it still holds up 18 years later - still amazed at both the black humor allusions to our own fascist reality, as well as the amazing art-design (essentially creating a dystopian post-Metropolis)... In any case, they've included much discussion around the production of the film, including the controversial 94 minute happy-ending version as well as the directors own 2 hour opus.
Funny - now after seeing it - I realize, while currently sitting in my own Art-Deco workplace in Pacmed on the third floor, with a ravaged post-industrial aesthetic of exposed pipes (aka - the Central Services Ducts), sitting in my own Cubicle-cum-office, how Brazil it's all become...

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