Friday, March 15, 2002

So - I leave work in an incredibly foul mood (don't ask) - and arrive downtown to meet Beate for her grandson's Art Exhibit. I was tired, achy, gassy and very cranky - wary of doing anything remotely in public, involving art or children. Needless to say, when I got there - my heart completely melted at seeing V5's Children's Art Exhibit. This exhibit asked children who their hero's were, and they each created a portrait in some medium (collage, paint, woodblock). What was so incredibly endearing was the depth of the answers - kids (mostly grades 1-4) named everyone from Rosa Parks to Eleanor Roosevelt, and even better, their mothers, fathers, friends, or siblings. The display space was this new and upcoming gallery that's downtown - and talking with the owner, he said that they "wanted to expose the kids to the art world at an early age" --- really cool stuff and space for young artists who usually hang on fridge's or classrooms.
If anyone is reading this and they are in Seattle, the gallery is on the corner of Denny and Westlake and the show is on for 2 weeks. The paintings sell for $20 a piece and the money goes to Childhaven. Of course you should wait a few days so parents can have a chance to buy their kids work (or heck, initiate a bidding war with the Mary Boone Gallery)....

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