Thursday, March 07, 2002

Oh. My. Head. My remaining bag of Roma-Roast has been depleted, taken or just plain buried in the mess that is the third floor fridge, and that means I'll have to make do with the company sludge or the weak-ass green tea that's sitting in front of me presently. I am glazing over... and contemplate the blank spot that is supposed to be my active brain.
I've been listening to the radio. Death Cab did a swimming, haunting remake of Bjork's All is Full of Love - sounding very Joy Divisionish. I think I'll have to purchase it. Oh, speaking of purchases... My DVD player finally showed up. I think this ushers in a whole new era of entertainment (or sloth -- but since the closest Vid store is way the hell up on 15th, I'll get my #$%ing excercise allright). I've "Fallen Angels" arriving any day now.

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