Friday, March 08, 2002

I'm burning the candle in the middle today. It snowed last night - very insane for Seattle in March, but well - maybe not. The night was very still and picaresque: cars stalled by the side of the road, an image of a woman walking up the Beacon hill bridge wearing a plastic bag on her head and talking into her cellphone, 2 guys walking behind a spinning out SUV screaming at the driver at how to get out... I love Seattle in the snow. Fortunately - I did get to have my moment -- going to and from the gym, seemed like one of those moody Nike ads (you know - the "army of one" theme, lone runner jogging in the worse conditions)... It was pretty though.
In any case - I'm short 12 hours of needed sleep, but before I l log off, I have to leave you with some
Hot Gay Penguin Action! Yow! Biodiversity rules...

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