Saturday, March 09, 2002

Let's go to bed. No, I am saying that after minus quite a few hours of sleep... I'm going to a COCA party, the Black and Raw - an event for metalsmiths, hosted by the amazingly talented Kevin Kent and Dj'd by ms Kick. Looking forward to it - even though right now my body has an inertia to not do anything... Coca parties marked my entrance into Seattle. I remember the first month I was here attending their Slovenia SPK party in an emptied out mansion. A full piece swing band played in the front yard while the house was decorated in fascist kitsch. It was creepy, yet intriguingly fun... I think I might even have the faux passport they issued to me as a Slovenian national. Later Coca parties weren't as lavish, but still were pretty riotious (and if they were truly terrible, you just got smashed at the cash bar and made your own fun)... This event is way out in Marginal Way (yes, probably the big boots territory).

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