Friday, February 15, 2002

So - a few post-valentines-day, post-chineses New Years' resolutions came to me today as I attempted to jog over to my grandparents house (and only ended up limping the remaining 1.5 miles due to intense shinsplints) - that I probably should project manage my weight gain/loss program like I would at work. So, here's a one-pager for my potential successes or wins as they correspond with other holidays:
  • St. Patricks Day: Be Able to Jog a few blocks, not get shinsplints and not cry, curse or walk the length back to my apartment. Status: Yellow
  • Easter: Start tucking my shirt in and no longer sport the dowdy, untucked casual slob look at work. Status: Green (kinda)
  • Mother's Day: Possibly wear shorts (if I chose to wear shorts) Status: Red
  • Memorial Day: Look "Passable" in swim trunks (passable meaning - not amazing, not astounding, but not terrible either.) Status: RED!
  • Father's Day: Find myself swimming in a "33 waist. Status: Yellow
  • Fourth of July: Fill a T-Shirt, the good way. Status: Orange
  • Labor Day: Be able to jog 10 miles without shinsplints (like st patricks day).
  • Halloween: Fit into my Helmut Lang's and not look like a squeezed denim sausage. Status: Hopeless Red, possibly Purple.
  • Thanksgiving: Take some impossible sport that I couldn't even picture myself presently doing now: ie, Kickboxing. Status: Uhhh
  • Birthday (mine): Promote New 33 yr old Thin, Buff, Sexy JD. Ensure that my name and the words "svelt", "sinewy", or "toned" enter public domain at least at some point. Status: Wishing
  • Christmas: Feel Guilty for all the neurotic, narcissistic attention I've paid to my body conscious self. Throw out fitness magazines, protien supplements, and vow that I will forever devote myself in selfless pursuits. Status: Green
  • New Years: Screw it - Look really $#*%ing good in a swimsuit. Status: Ask me in December.

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