Sunday, February 10, 2002

24 hours and 2200 calories later, I've literally been running around the city, going from event to event, spending energy and trying to get it back... I seriously wonder if I should invest in a car or a scooter with all that i've managed to fit in over the past day...
I spent yesterday at the weekly art night. Lyle and I determined we need to compartmentalize our approach to music. Lacking musical dexterity (or know-how) and getting new people to jumpstart the band isn't helping, since we've no real finished songs. The idea is to now record onto tracks -- work them into real songs by playing around and layering more as we see fit.
I later went to Night One - the big A's post-holiday party they had at the historic(read cheaper) Seattle DC. They turned it into a big Ol' Rave-BurningMan kind of event (complete with museum and multimedia installation art representing our past 7 years of toil). Overall, it was the good, party-hard kind of spectacle that usually get's thrown... Big and flashy and fun, but at the same time, it was one of those awful work functions where I lapse into the following exchange with almost everyone:
Them: Hey, you came!
Me: Yeah, I had to see... Morbid curiosity.
Them: (Straining to hear) Yeah... What?
Me: Nothing. Wasn't important.
Them: (looking at over the crowd) - Kinda weird huh? You know?
Me: Yeah, very weird.
Them: Yeah. Well, see ya. Gotta get another beer.
Me: Yes! Have fun!
I couldn't only take less than an hour with strained conversations (I seriously wonder if it's some defect in me to be as boring to talk to outside of work as possible, but I fail to be fascinating or fascinated.)
23:00 hrs - I hailed a shared cab with three other corporate-money types and went downtown to Patti Summers where Jame's roomate was playing. Unfortunately, James was not there, Patti Summers was crowded and my semi-formal jacket just made me look like a creepy, aging yuppie in a sea of young punks. Fortunately (or perhaps unfortunately) I was paged that we couldn't find anyone to cover tonight's nightshift. SANCTUARY!
I don't know - some sick, perverse satisfaction that I could sit, unbothered and without the smoke, age and attitude was more appealing than sitting through another set by the opening act. This required a regrettable exit to Jame's very amiable roomate -- so I told him I would return... (I don't know why I said that)... I came home, changed into comfies and jumped yet another cab (my third this evening) to work. Of course, nothing was literally happening for hours on end, but I managed to get my monday tasks done well ahead of time (and avoid the usual self-induced crisis)...
7 tired hours later --- I am stumbling home. (I opted to walk as the stinky, curvey #60 bus was simply not going to do after all my adventures)... Crawl into bed around 8:00am - sleep blisffuly until 11:00am, and wake to meet up with Pam and Helen in the Udistrict. We have brunch at Flowers and then meet up with Ian for a very student production of "Importance of Being Earnest" (meaning - some good comic moments, some very bad acting and a regrettabley fey miscast for one of the lead roles).
I'm home now - I'm slightly better than burnt toast at the moment, but I am so looking forward to sleeping 12 horus a day over the next week. I am contemplating a nap. Or perhaps not.

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