Thursday, February 21, 2002

Oh - lord sweet lord, I gotta get my tired, weary fat ol' ass to work here in a few minutes. I went to the gym tonight, but Issiah had a funeral to attend, so I took initiative to follow up on my own. Unfortunately, I found that throwing myself against impossible weights alone versus having Issiah coax me into lifting impossible weights is a big difference. I crapped out on sets, didn't finish a few excercizes, but did enough to not say I did it half-assed. I can definately see the advantages of a trainer though -- especially if you're not too focused and undisciplined (or even just don't know what you're doing...)
Oh - and I just caught the 'frains of the Shin's song on a MCDONALD'S COMMERCIAL. Sigh. I am going to give up indie and start listening to a-tonal modern classical music again.

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