Wednesday, February 20, 2002

Last day here and then I fly back to Seattle and the cradle of dysfunction (work)... Not looking forward to it. Have checked email though and nothing looks too terrible or fires too great (knocking so soundly on wood right now)...
In any case - spent last night and night before last catching up on Great-Grandmother's diaries and Grandma's Scrapbook. Both were very compelling, written about 10 yrs apart, but had a much different focus.
Of course Grandma's scrapbook is amazing, filled with very visual descriptions of her cross country trip to California and Oregon in the 30's. Just her and her 4 sisters - very cool for the time that they did this, they often had to fix their model A they affectionately reffered to as "Rosa". Oh and yes friends, this predates the road trip by 70 years!!!
GreatGrandmother Millar's journal on the other hand is highly personal, somewhat heavy at times - so candid and personal that I probably won't share it here - other than the fact that she was an aspiring writer who tried to get published in magazines and sell screenplays in the then growing Hollywood. Unfortunately, alot of the journals were water-damaged, so some of the pages are unreadable.
In any case - I guess this raises a central question in my mind - - why do I publish everything publicly here? Well, to answer, not everything is public, I keep most of my deepest feelings and personal storm clouds out (unless I'm having a realllly sh***y day, and well, then you're all privvy to my rants) -- and I'm certainly not anticipating a high degree of readership on my site. Why the defense? I guess it probably has something to do with Wired's dis on keeping blogs. Yes, Wired - nothing is personal, the private is public, and oh-gasp, people like to talk about themselves. Sheesh.
Well - I'm currently coming down with dad's illness - so I am quarantined against saying goodby to both sets of grandparents unfortunately. I was hoping to talk to Grandma about her trip - but that will have to wait until next time. I'm dreading the flight back with this illness, but I've bought some earplugs to limit the cabin pressure on my cranium as we land in seatac.

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