Sunday, June 07, 2009

Summer Soundtracks, pt 1

I am absolutely in love with the new Erik Blood cd. Local lead singer of the Turn On's, he's done this amazing loving tribute to all things shoegazery (My Bloody Valentine, Ride, any soundtrack by Kevin Shields)... "To Leave America" is an awesome, running track that captures the sense of escape (*especially from about 4 years ago when patriotic sentiment was at an all time low and everyone was wanting to emigrate to Berlin). Other tracks have that driving wall of bending sonic distortion sound from MBV and makes me want to dance in a whirling dervish of plaid and self-referential irony from the early 90's...

In other music news - how awesome is this small-budget video from Peaches? I would love to have someone come clean with me in this fashion:

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