Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Arts v. Letters

Sci-fi author Bruce Sterling recently had some compelling reasons on why the death of print is immanent, 18 to be exact. Some obvious (new media), some not... but the argument itself is as old as books vs " "(insert painting, theater, movies, tv, videogames - and in that order). Interesting because much of what he does say was kind of the utopian spin of Wired in the 90's... Now it's somewhat like a eulogy (as in gosh - we printed mags for a while and now our relevance is well... y'know... dwindling)... I do find it also interesting that it's Sterling who is delivering this eulogy as he was on the cyberpunk gleewagon end of things (while dystopian, i found his novels were somewhat macho in the embrace of technology, not the other way around...) but I guess not so ironic that technology he embraced would inevitably lead to worldwide ADD. But again, this argument predates electricity. At some point, i will become a grumpy old man of letters screaming at the youth... (Already am to an extent - don't get me started on Grand Theft Auto)

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