Tuesday, May 26, 2009

More H8, Less Filling

Well - still 2nd Class citizens, but hey, at least a small handful of marriages will remain valid (until some no-life NOM-type will seek to invalidate those)... But gosh, think of how happy the children will be now. Life will be great and the great American family will be more cohesive than ever (the sound of a solitary, sarcastic applaud for emphasis here).
I could go on - but won't, because little did we know that we did win some of the culture war today. Rockstar games announced that it will develop a game just for us, the Ballad of Gay Tony. Just think, we're going to really influence the hearts and minds of brainless tweeners with more appalling stereotypes, because, you know - it's just a game... And that will totally win the paradigm. (Again, more sarcastic clapping)....

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