Friday, May 29, 2009

Ashram Techno

It's truly amazing when someone takes something and recontextualizes it for the sole purposes of making you shake your ass... In this case, the band Duchess Says digs up an old video from 1984 of the Rajneesh cult fanatics doing some hardcore yoga-channeling--freaky-cult-thingy. Not really sure if the band knows the full story, but they do call the vid a "New Age Conspiracy from 1984" - and as anyone growing up in Central Oregon in the 70's and 80's recalls, they did implode from charges of racketeering, extortion and attempted murder (yes, even more colorful than the Soprano's - in shades of Plum, cranberry and Violet, no less). In any case - ya gotta love the readymade art direction and the effects (Neo-Hippies! Ashram Techno! Monochromatic Basics!). I think American Apparel may have just found it's new ad campaign for the fall season (*and who knew the compound had so many hotties back then? Granted, they were all crazy and delusional)...

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