Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Time Travel

Hot on the heels of being ambushed by friends from high school to make it to my 20yr Reunion, i decided to time travel back to teenage bedroom, circa 1984. It's part of the Miranda July assignment to draw a picture from your teenage bedroom... So here I am, drawing it... Hopefully, I won't pollute the timestream too much. The old 14yr old is asking me a ton of questions about the future... I simply nod and say nothing. I am trying to capture all of the 80's new-wave britmania I had going on at the time. I think most of it came from the English music tabloids (complete with lyrics and posters) and large scale posters I purchased from Rising Sun Records. I was prematurely convinced that these bands would change the world, as they did my hairstyle at the time... Little did i know then that the posters would change (some more obscure bands, giant photo's friends took at the time, eventually a chaotic mural i painted that would later be painted grey)... Now it's the southwest room (redone shortly after i left) probably going to be renovated into my parent's own masterbedroom at some point.

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