Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Crime and the City Solution

Today the fed cut interest rates by .5%... My financial analyst tells me that they might even go lower in March if i truly wanted to refinance. The glittery mortgage shackles just get more appealing... At the same time, I am battling the sense of shiftless identities this city is hemorraging. Innercity spaces are not becoming urban, they're turning suburban and people less trustful, less community based. It might have to do with this recent article on partitioning where i see my neighborhood looking more and more like Auburn (and in a strange twist - the demographic now moves to Kent???)... Maybe it's not that all, but the increase in crime in the news... Urbanism is eating it's own. But, maybe not according to statistics. In any case - is Seattle the kind of town where you can run free in a museum, or is it one that has the "Hand's Off the Sculpture Park" signs?

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