Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Special Effects

Today was colder than a witch's titty, and I am secretly happy because of it. It sets priorities, makes people dress in furs and act wrecklessly indoors. People drink and eat more, line their mantles and hearths with faux-evergreens in a bid to deny global warming ever existed... Heaters go up, gas prices go up, tempers flare. Disposability is where you throw your waste into the snow thinking you'll never see it again. The world gets colder and people are intrinsically in both survival and nesting mode.
It was also the day that Oprah had her 'Favorite Things' episode. In Macon, GA. She gave out assorted prizes to screaming fans (her legion of southern soccer moms) among them a refrigerator with an HDTV it. Fans screamed. Heads exploded and women went batshit because they were taking home a major appliance that was same price as a new car. Hmm, GA - isn't there a drought there or something? Shouldn't the message be to send water? Oh well. Weather, as usual, is just an excuse to behave badly in any circumstance.

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