Friday, November 23, 2007

Golden Cluster Seed

I'm sick... and in need of rest and fluids. Came down with something a few days ago and now it's making my voice gurgly, my lungs are compressed and I'm dry and hot. I wonder if I have MRSA and if I caught it from the gym... Of course, this is my own subtle hypochondria (the rational kind that says "you might have it, you never know", but doesn't convince me 100%). I used to think I had staph a while back when I get my facial breakouts, but found out it's just a benign cold sore. I know I don't have MRSA - it's just a bad cold and a combination of not sleeping right. I'm going to be worse for wear tomorrow if I even attempt to go to Pony. I am more angry that I can't go to the gym. I've missed 4 days in a row now and (yes, this puts me in Teen Aneroxia Camp) I feel myself getting fatter - the body fat crawling back up my body in a vengence. I would go and try to sweat it out - but I know it's just going to make myself sicker and probably give others the same damn cold. I hate being sick. I wasn't sick like this last year. Sigh.

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