Monday, March 28, 2005

Ok - this one was a no-brainer...

Ok this one was a no brainer

I probably shoulda’ waited until I got my tax-returns, but since I was in the vicinity of the local Mac store – I kinda caved a bit early and bought one. Oh mama – this one is sooo nice too! Quick, easy and takes up virtually no space. Transferring information from my ailing G4 was incredibly simple too. It only took one hour for initial set up and I was off (Looks like Mac has learned some lessons about this from the last time I bought this in 2000 and had to install OSX myself. Ugh. That took all night!)... It works like a dream so far, and I’m just luvin the extra’s I got (some extra ram and the new iPod mini which I am listening too right now). Easy goal to meet for a compulsive shopper.

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