Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Oracles and Spectacles

Oracles and Spectacles

You know - something like this Tiger Killing near the dead Gipper's palace would have been a bad omen of great foreboding during Roman times. It would have foretold something ominous, had a Greek tragic arc welling up with drama, intrigue and some unfortunate events happening to some clueless Ceasar. Hmm - well, it is March.

In other news - I hear that Mikel Rouse is coming to OTB. I've not seen his prior work - but I've been intrigued to see the first "Talk Show Opera" they did called Dennis Cleaveland (Predating the Jerry Springer Opera by a few years). I've long thought that a performance staged like a prize fight would inevitably come back to eat it's own cultural tale like serpeant (signifying yet another omen of something - I can't remember if it's fortune or famine, but knowing the way things are, probably the latter).

In my news - I'm not going to the Gym. Story at 11:00. No, not really. No story I mean. The prices were too high, the location close, but not close enough. I already began to see what the gym entailed in terms of trying to remain enthused about it and knew immediately the grime, bad decor and even worse feng shui (it was over 3 different floors in a dilapitaded victorian office building) would end up discouraging me after 3 weeks. So I decided to take matters into my own hands - get some free weights, a bike and try to do this myself...

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