Saturday, January 22, 2005

If You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be Next

If You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be Next

It's been a trying week of overall ick. On the national front, the inaugaration to smack down the other half of the country with a flex of stalinist muscle and security to boot; on a private front, close friends separating after years of marriage. Ugh. My heart is breaking (more on the latter than the former, [although with Bush it's more of heartburn and 4 year acid reflux]) and I am only hoping the best for them at this point. Nuff said.
Back to the national...
Protesting an event like this seems counterproductive. There will be more fuel for the fire to come I'm sure and it's easier to get people behind outrage at either new or current non-ending wars... (and plus, non-events like this gives the other side yet another a photo op to tag the "freaks n hippies" dragging out the signs and scary oversize puppets.)

I got the below photos from this website here. Of course I'm laughing my ass off at both for different reasons... the Brad n Jen one is wonderfully irreverant and reminds me of a friend back in the first gulf war who's slogan was "Make cake not bombs"....

Whereas this left-baiting crank is almost Joycean in his description of a liberal's day. I almost see this as his own confession of how he lives from day to day... (Some of this is actually how I live day to day, give or take the employment part).

In other news - Norwegians (including my Scandinavian relatives) fear that Bush is into Death Metal and is giving the high sign to satan.

Art and Costco on Special

Art and CostcoCostco did something rich and strange on their website. They apparently decided to go high-end and sell an original Picasso for $40k. Of course - it's not Guernica or anything, but it does bring into question the whole sacritidy of art when not being sold through Sotheby's or some other contextually accepted market. Of course this is "Art" with a capitol A, and has a the brand name of big brand names on it... Not that we could have a time where a Costco would have aisle for selling conceptual peices by Jeff Koons, or maybe even dilute the whole commercial/pop-culture distinction and commision figurines by Superflat artists like Nara...

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