Sunday, March 02, 2003

Suck Age

Things started to really suck early last week. Actually, let me rephrase that -- things started sucking 400 billion years ago and probably since the dawn of entropy was introduced. People (descended from well-meaning bacteria) put shit in motion and then it comes back to you. Middle East politics, nuclear weapons, bad presidents with inarticulate leadership strategies, social service bankrupting referrendums you had no clue were getting onto the state ballots, car exhaust spent going to Target so you can buy more crap, the task you messed up at work that day, bad faith, bad self-given haircuts, the cold you caught while drunk and jacketless outside in the rain, the extra piece of pizza you consumed at lunch, the time you wasted watching UPN, the money you pissed away on a bad movie... Bad choices, spiraling into worse consequences. Does it ever get better?

We're going to war. It's a disaster and looming like the other shoe preparing to fall. I can't imagine if there was a more bleak time, but then again, I started thinking about the early 80's and how it seemed to really suck. Reagan was in office and we were 12 minutes from nuclear midnight... but something happened (oh yeah, Russians blinked)... but for a time, it seemed like the end of the world. Perhaps it was my adolescent angst coupled with the fact that there wasn't much options out there... Now I feel like there aren't any options out there, we're again going into clumsy, bloodwashed history again without any hindsight ... Luckily the world isn't impressed.
However - I hear shit like this and I seriously want to move. Start over in another country and become an expat... (thanks Ginger for posting this article). Things are worse than the 80's. But moving won't solve anything. And the other shoe probably will fall anywhere at this point is anyones guess. Put in motion by our clumsiness 10 years ago (or 500 million years ago) however we want to see this...

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