Saturday, February 22, 2003

Art Stars Forever: Chaos and Gonads

World standards seem to be set by surrealists lately. Sick, sad ironies dominate the news of a metal bands pyrotechnics gone bad, foriegn diplomacy seems to have regressed back to medieval times, and Matthew Barney is an Art Star, and not just an art-star, but THE ART STAR of the moment.
While I can't say I'd found the movies as gripping as their images (in fact, Laura and I got in trouble during Cremaster5 for talking too much), he is a cult unto himself. It seems timely that we've a former northwestern linebacker plumb the subconscious of the country and throw it back in a weird series of films, anthropormophic oddities and sculptures that basically revolve around the muscular function of the testicles. Probably because we're done with the old irony... found objects... we're now ready for the alien that looks at us and tells us what we really are - strange creatures with undeveloped desires, crawling over histories that are both magnificent and horrible.
If you're in New York - go see at the Gugg...

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