Friday, January 17, 2003


In january, things seem to shift, change and fall into place. For most people, this sorting out happens in fall. But being in an industry that reshuffles every 4th quarter, you get used to the tsunami that is January. It also lends itself to a Pynchonian grid of conspiracies and secret societies that you never dreamed existed, and yet you are excited and terrified at their existence. I walk down the street and wonder what map my own secrets might make, or other's who have secrets over me. I am doubtful of conspiracies, though - no one is that organized i figure. There is no cigarette smoking man, no 4th gunman, no alien autopsies. At the end of the day - there's just us, dazed and wondering.
I am not out of the labrynth yet.
Speaking of politics...

And in the "if you tolerate this today..." Dept

Concerned about Reproductive Rights in America?
Then attend the ProChoice Rally. Right now!

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