Tuesday, October 22, 2002

Welcome to the future... I've finally figured out how to bleedin' image host on Blogger... Boooyeah!!!
Anyways - back to my life: Last Saturday, I went to Michael's party at the "Paradise Hotel" (for the LGFF)... I was requested to come "in character" since I declined the offer to wear a plushie outfit, so I decided to knock out my Halloween costume of Zombie Gucci Model. By the time I assembled myself into a sleazy looking late 70's ensemble, I determined I looked more like John Holmes than Zoolander (by way of a very sleazy Nick Cave in his "Let Love In" years). I arrived at the party with a buzz still coming off a bottle of Chimay, and met up with Kelly and James. The place was a done up affair - - rooms done up with installation pieces, drag, theatre and a haunted house. I took full advantage of the free Absolut and soon found myself more in character than I was accustomed to being, at one point climbing on the roof and wondering if I would make a glamourous corpse having fallen off in my vintage JC Penny White Patent Golf Pumps. Luckily I did not find out.
In any case - Send good positive Vibrations to Lyle and Rachel who have had a bout of bad luck (I'm supposed to be getting my charms soon from my Wiccan friend who claims they work.)

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