Monday, July 01, 2002

Canapés and Investment Tips Both Served to Well-Heeled - I can't help but think of this as another retread through some neoVictorian hell as imagined by Tom Wolfe... The whole Martha Stewart Scandal has been lighting up the society pages with tips on how to invite controversial guests and the descent of several stockbrokers in the social register. Of course, we all sigh w/petulant exasperation "who the f*** cares", but at the same time, i can't help but find this another hilarious sign of the apocolypse... or perhaps just the demise of one domestic goddess getting her comeupance for telling the masses how to blanche eggs. No, it's possibly something deeper - something more unstable. There's alot of shit getting overturned in terms of markets and people's perceptions. The Worldcom hoo-haw this past week sank a big dose of reality into our cynical and jaded ideas of business and we found that people do often operate without conscious and more by connections forged in the Hamptons or golf-greens.
In fact, there was this hilarious story of noir as almost could be imagined by Chuck Palahniuk, only it's terribly real and scary. Not that anyone dies or anything - but the fact that these freaks were allowed to run rampant is enough to make you wonder if this is how people are truly operating these days. Is fiction so far off? Are we getting more and more extreme all the time? Is this turning into some form of high-tech barbarism? i don't know... Luckily we're a peaceful bunch where I'm at. Kind of like the druids. Only wait - they burned people in large trees. Nevermind.

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