Tuesday, July 02, 2002

Powerpuff Girls - 3rd wave feminists? Possibly - but we forget that this show is, uhmmm, a kids show that's simply crossing demographics... In any case, I'll gladly go see the movie with anyone that cares to see it.
Speaking of going to events - Momus' Patchwork Tour is touring through Seattle tonight and they are playing at the Graceland... This will be a great treat kids cos not only is my fave avant-gaurde one-eyed scottish popstar going to take the stage in all his glory, but he's bringing much talent from his label, the Gongs, Super Madrigal Brothers, and Phiiliip... I caught Momus last time he toured with Stereo-Total, and was pleasantly impressed that he gave it his all, James Brown style - only with iMac-style jams worked out with his Palm Pilot... Go see, go see!

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