Thursday, March 21, 2002

Played hooky today to clean out my closet and have lunch with Beate. While this wasn't the full-on spring cleaning I had hoped, I managed to excorcize alot of my ill-fated fashion flops and one-size-too-small shirts that will not fit me, even when I do manage to lose the weight (because S means SMALL, dammit)... In any case, all IS vanity - I kept thinking while throwing most of it out... Q: Why did I spend so much money on this silly vintage too-tight poly shirt? A: Because you thought it would make you look more thin and junkie-like during the 97-98 decadent midnight cowboy look crisis. I am a fool, and my money was quickly parted. Oh well, i'm damned if I don't get something back from RedLight or Xroads. And then - it's nothing but black tshirts and jeans from here on out.

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