Wednesday, March 20, 2002

First day of spring brings a cold blanket of snow… No, not quite as enchanting as it would be in December, but instead an immobilizing menace that reminds me of those Eastern Oregon white-outs on highway20. Actually I shouldn’t bitch too loudly. IMHO to take tomorrow off and do laundry, clean, get caught up on projects, etc. Perhaps trapped in a winter wonderland – me, my mac, and new Smog CD’s.
I saw “Lisa Picard is Famous” last night (LEG, didn’t you recommend that to me?) It was a funny mocumentary on actors, reminding me of my stage antics last decade (although, that had nothing to do with fame. Getting drunk and doing things on stage was the first terrible reason I did it. Then when I sobered up and started acting, it was terrifying. Needless to say, that’s behind me now. Now I just get drunk.) In any case – the awful one-man show in “Famous” had me in hysterics – having been to my share of confessional pieces, it was dead on.
Speaking of fame – The Breeders had an article in NYT Magazine about them – the family drama of the Deal Twins and how they came back together after Kelly’s arrest/hospitalization. It’s oddly so “Behind the Music” for NYT, & the drama isn’t as compelling as we would expect (so you’re twin sister goes off the deep end – whose sibling didn’t at one time or another)… In any case, my point – and I do have one – the long awaited LP is said to be coming out in May. I hope to be pleasantly surprised – but the sophomore effort has been too long in coming from them, I fear.
In any case – I’m hoping to get out tonight. I feel like I’ve been couped up, so I’m celebrating the first snowfall of spring by breaking out of my warm, DVD-drenched cocoon and go out for drinks w/R and L.
Ta’ Ta!

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