Tuesday, January 08, 2002

Blasted servers were down - but now they are back up, so apologies if this isn't chronological (tho' hopefully it will be)... It's Tuesday, and I am contemplating staying up all night so I can avalanche into my final week of night-hell. I am going to the gym in about 30 minutes or so...
My friend Heidi showed me her daughter Io's hilarious site!... Io's essentially taking Amazon payments to eat what her visitors select for her (prescreened by Heidi of course!!) -- what a great idea! Laura got me to bug Ian to hopefully do an HI piece on it perhaps for the Weekly. (Ahem, Ian - if you reading this... it would be a good story? No??)
Speaking of - I can't believe I haven't mentioned that Cupcake [our literary endeavors patched together into a small tasty treat] was finally launched... Go Hodder! Go Hodder! Go Hodder!
I am washing gym clothes - I better go get them so i can migrate my flabbily ass to the gym.

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