Thursday, January 10, 2002

Just read that Everett True's Live Through This finally hits shelves... (Huh? I thought he did this already?) In any case,. it started a big rant against music criticism - all of which was pointless and dull, much like the actual trainspotting act of trying to pinpoint genre and boil down tastes to what is truly essential (nee ILM)... but I'll shut up on that topic. Talking about music is like dancing about architecture.
Speaking of which - I've not made much further progress on my search for schools/programs. Partially because I think this is the month where apps are due and I'm realizing that more and more - I need to have a year plan ahead of me to figure out what it is I would exactly like to be going for (ie, Industrial Design, Architecture, Interior Architecture), and what's going to ultimately need happen over the course of the next year and 2-3 years. This year - I could possibly enroll in a JC or somewhere to get a few prelim's out of the way (and pay some poor bastard to hotwire MATH into my silly, fluffy brain that normally can't handle it.) I also think I might want to talk to a variety of people in the industry and get a handle on what they think...

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