Tuesday, November 05, 2002

So - did you vote today? I did. And not abseentee ballot either. I chose to go vote at my precinct. It was an outpouring of humanity and celebration of the human spirit - "Where'd my pens go?!" cried out some bifocaled League of Women Voter assisting the masses... A man with mutton chop sideburns to the floor helped me get signed in. Whenever I vote - it seems like I am voting for the first time. I am usually overdressed (because it's in either November or June), and I stand at those booths sweating like a stuck pig. I choose my votes with care, doing some preliminary crash course look at the pamphlet roughly an hour before (I try to be informed) - or sometimes if the names impress me... Vote baby! Vote! (Or you'll get a spanky!)
In any case - When you get a minute - you should bookmark the soon to be site for greatest film production company ever: Powerful Pussycat Productions!

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