Sunday, November 03, 2002

Awww, crap. Image hosting is hosed at the moment, or maybe just with the image I was posting yesterday. It was a lovely still shot from "Far From Heaven" feat. the lovely Julianne Moore and lovely Dennis Haysbert walking amid a lovely fall day. Guess that will teach me to name-drop in my posts. Oh sigh.
In any case, today is mundaneday, the mundane preMunday before i get more mundane and morose tomorrow. Doing laundry... fighting a cold, possible vampire flu I caught on halloween. Speaking of silly goth obsessions - took some more still bw video shots yesterday that I want to work in the nav bar, but i fear this looks too, uhhh, "David Copperfield"...

You are under my spell.... I know. Ridiculous. but I adore the effect... It's incredible what you can do with video these days. The more it get's to imitate film (which was all about manipulating the medium)... the more we're enabling a ready army of auteurs.
Speaking of - I am wanting to do a film project of bad exploitation drug-scare films. If anyone in the vicinity is interested, let me know!!

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