Monday, May 20, 2002

OMG!!!! Our very own Ginger quoted in the NYTimes!!! I feel famous just to know you, G-Spice!! I had the Times scattered all over my apartment -- and of course, avoided the business section (I've enough depressing, dirty laundry as it is around my apartment, thank you!) -- but I had no idea that there would be Ms Thing, getting press time on the same page that features a freakish Jeffb holding a giant Picachu... Keep up the media dish, doll --- and don't settle until you get a good cry on Oprah or your own clothing line at Macy's.
Speaking of retail - so I really did go to a tupperware party last night, or rather - a Pampered Chef party. Cheryl threw it and had us over for sangria and product demo's... I never thought I would ever attend something like that, or if I did - it would be part of an installation performance piece... but in any case, my running joke of the evening was my lack of cooking skills and how I burnt water. The saleswoman knew me to be a lost cause when I finally relented and bought star shaped ice trays. I figure they will make my Long Islands more festive this summer.
Aside from that - it's been a very odd, uneven, last 48 hours - I kept getting the feeling today that I myself was the subject of a dogme-style movie written by Todd Solenz, and there's an audience laughing somewhere at my pratfalls and pathetic attempts to be a compassionate human being.
Or is it just me?

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