Saturday, May 04, 2002

I'm watching "Some like it Hot" on DVD... I don't know why I bought it. Possibly because of Billy Wilder's passing, or the fact I own few classics... I am at the scene where Marilyn and Tony Curtis kiss.
In any case - last night was a few Amazon reunions. I ran into old friends I hadn't seen or rather, see only at Birthday's and retirement parties (only, they aren't retirement parties - it's usually someone leaving or being forcibly ejected)...
Today Beate and I are going to LaConner and visit Jim's Haliboris farm. Then tonight we'll have our own showing of the film. Beate managed to go to Dogmathon and gave this review:
went tonight and matt mccarty announced the film in a very good
way---sort of " a warm, human movie". he saw the depth and appreciated it.
and the audience loved it. aside the film michael is in which showed
last, it go the most applause. and was not critizised as not being true
to the form as the movie before. the first 3 were dogme, the 4th a
documentary--a good one about people with mental problems in our
neighborhood by lorian elbert-----jamie liked hers alot and got her number.
the last 3 were against dogme, icluding kelly's with michael.
it was like michael--funny and overly loud, but i liked it.
so i got to be there. and i am glad. jamie asked if anyone of us are there and i hid. left quietly, too. did not want to speak since it is for you to do so. they laughed a lot about what lyle is saying, about jason swallowing the coins, about me playing with the doll, about the tit scene.

Speaking of showings - here's a link to Beate's
grandson's art show!

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