Saturday, April 27, 2002

Welcome to HELL... The Bachelor is on for another season. As the Jam once sang the public wants what the public gets and this shit is living proof. Few articles have come out to denounce this, but in the end - this irreality show gets the last laugh - they actually have high ratings... Is the LCD index that low now that people want to watch this misogynist throwback of a show? I had the misfortune a week ago of being right under the TV at the gym that was playing this, and had to watch some picked over bimbo tearfully admit that she "really thought she was the one"... I thought throwing chairs on Jerry Springer was debasement enough, this is downright pathetic...
Oh well - at least in other parts of the world, people don't care and would rather get buck nekkid with 1200 other folks for the sole purpose of art . Lord love 'em!

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