Wednesday, February 06, 2002

Good gawd, I keep slipping on keeping up with the blog.
Well, ok - this week's excuse (cough cough) is that I've been sick. Sick as in cold, but also to the point that I feel my brain has had a hard-crash (in IT Terms - means it physically went down) -- I didn't go into work today and slept. I made the mistake of telling folks that I probably would be online -- but the minute I hit the pillow, I sank into a deep sleep full of unmedicated dreams as scripted by Joss Weadon crossed with Burroughs and Jung. I am now listening to Nick Drake as it's purely the only music that doesn't grate on my head at the moment. It's only a cold - but I think it's also the warning signal for my upcoming vacation next Tuesday. I'll be spending an entire week in Bend - a week where I just want to forget everything. But I can't -- Annual Reviews are due literally within weeks, along with side projects. The rock never quite get's up the mountain does it? Oh - my head.
Aside from being bed bound, I've been trying to cook more. The brand new coffee maker arrived - but I've yet to take advantage of it's time-saving features.
Oh - and I'm seriously thinking about getting broadband finally. The clincher? Realizing that getting a simple B&S download from Jeepster would take an hour. As much as I want to hear "Slow Graffiti", I'm not about to limit phone access. This is silly.
In any case - gotta post this and log off.

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