Sunday, February 24, 2002

Awww crap. NYTMag does an article on The Stephin Merritt Standard and i'm aghast that now my fave cult songwriter's gonna supernova. Oh well... Which is also oddly enough the headlines for today's Sunday Seattle Times cover story on Apolo Ohno getting disqualified in yesterdays race...OH WELL... Huh? The actual article pays him just props for dealing with it gracefully -- but the cover saying "OH WELL" is akin to the "Yeah - that's too bad" in condescending tones (like they are gushing at his defeat - what a buncha a**holes!?)... Why am I writing about this? I am not very sure (slow news day?) - probably because I know how the media likes creating bad boys and punk rock players more than letting people actually play the sport itself, and Times seems a bit triste at finding out they can't cast him in the angry young turk role...
In any case - have had a productive day. I cleaned the bathroom and kitchen with these new products that i think have solved the age-old issue of Old Man Apartment Smell... Now I just need to clean the front room and all will be stable with the universe.

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