Monday, January 03, 2011

One-One: Remake, Remodel

Baby Shoes and Briefcase
Ok - So, I'm at the 10-year mark for the blog, which is pretty amazing considering that i've kept anything going that long (job, notwithstanding). Trouble is -uhmm, err.  I can't really prove it.  See - the first few entries have gone awol... I could have sworn I had a list of resolutions from pre-9/11 that were so shiny and reflective of the naughty oughties (you know, the post-election ennui that we had Dubya and crew, but not quite the forthcoming angst of 9/11 and the tech-bubble burst). I seem to recall most were not surprising and very cliched (beginning of my gym-obsession and to fit into overpriced denim. Oh, that and a constant need for recognition/meaning). Secondly, I did have fits and starts - so I can't technically tell you that I'm at 10 years - but I could be, well a few months shy? Oh well.   So, I'll not do any big fan-fair (not that I have any fans. I guess I do what every blogger has done for the last decade - self-sustain.)  So - no starlight parades, innaugural address or blingy banners to tell you that I've been blogging for way too long. 
To that end, what am I going to do for 2011 + this decade? Well - get a new job and career for starters. I've got to get some more professional blogging under my belt before I can start to enhance my - ahem - side projects. That said, you can expect some changes on my old, trusty website. (I've already made it more business like). Will this be business like? No - I'll still keep it to varied and strange interests, uninformed rants and eclectic nostalgia that only I could think was interesting.
In the meantime - to show you I'll remain true to my school - I just discovered this awesomeness of this animator. Check out this Recent profile on WENDY VAINITY in DIS Magazine. She's awesome in her unrelenting use of technology and persona - maybe this is the direction i need to go this next decade.

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