Monday, October 12, 2009

Norman Rockwell Conquerors

The crispness in the air, the leaves changing and my civil rights are up for a vote in a few weeks. Gosh, I love fall. It really is great to have to remind the confused, out-of-touch voters in remote areas that Ref 71 has nothing to do with taxes or (god forbid) the children... And I can't tell you how much I trust the virtual hoards of these voters like I would if they were carrying torches and pitchforks. I'm picturing a Norman Rockwell mob here - a well-meaning lynch mob decked out in Pendleton wool plaids; civil, optimistic, and helping to start a bonfire where we're all chained... Gruesome, yes - but pastoral and in fall colors.
Sorry for the dark cynicism - but this whole thing is like the annoying children's game "Perfection" -- we run around plugging the oddly shaped pegs into manic small holes with seconds to pass, and then boom - our rights are thrown asunder and taken away and we're three steps back. I try to think bigger picture here - that maybe there is some paradigm shift around the corner where people realize it has nothing to do with them. That there is some point where where you're not the manifestation of years of dogma coming at you, that there might be a few more advances toward enlightenment. But then again, there are still people who believe in witchcraft and cosmic forces, so there you go... we've not advanced...

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avi said...

since the rights of minorities are again up for a vote, lets just go all the way and put the rights of the majority up for a vote too. such as that if one is a hateful, pitchfork wielding self-appointed monarch in his/her own mind, that person loses the right to vote (unless they can impress me with their knowledge of something extremely gay like what lady gaga said at the gay rights rally in washington, d.c. last weekend, or the names of all the members of the 2009 u.s. women's gymnastics team competing at this weeks world championships. then they get to vote but only if it's for my damn rights. the only comfort is the power that comes from the organizing process then, even if ref 71 does fail. cross gay fingers it gay does not.