Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Peel slowly...

Randomness (or this is how I spent my summer vacation while the world spun out of control...):
  • 500 Pine Party - You can't return home. Even for a night. We've tried, but good attempt.
Idea for a reality TV series: Dinner Party Disorder - 2 people are given a mystery ingredient and a celebrity guest list. They are given one hour to clean their place and create a meal using the ingredient. They then have to entertain celebrities for approximately one hour. Merriment ensues. Guests leave. Last 20 minutes features the cleaning up in silence as waves of melancholy wash over the hosts.

  • Ed Varga featured for Homo-a-go-go (*which I quasi-attended this year in SF) on Butt.
  • Also featured - Sissy Nobby shows you how to do that thing (that i need to learn how to do by Saturday Night)...
  • And while we're on the subject of freak dancing, is there such a thing as too much freak
Ways that my life currently resembles a Wes Anderson film:
Working out to Ziggy Stardust on my MP3 player next to a father and son in matching unitards.
Brightly colored zip covers on book jackets in Viet Wah.
The cab that takes me uptown.
A montage of various activities accomplished over the course of 3 months.
Ways that my life currently resembles a Hal Hartley film:

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