Thursday, June 25, 2009

King of Never

Yeah - i heard, and somewhere there is a million punchlines that are not worth uttering... Sufficeth to say however, Jacko's death is unreal, in the kingdom of the unreal, much like his life. It doesn't take some coked-out cultural theory grad to see the inherent ironies of his success and persona against race, gender and orientation, and I'm sure the blogs will be speculating this at this posited time and place - just what does it mean now that we've not this troubling infantile, video-age gender-queer Peter Pan figure? Also, seeming that he had a hard time keeping the (cough - child-sized - ahem) skeletons in the closet, will even more details arrive to the surface to distract us from real horrors (uhm, Iran where they pretty much have no tolerance for anything between male or female)...

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