Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Objectivism of the Hair Flip

So - i'm kinda sick today (*actually, strike that - I honk when talk, and have the taste of 2hr old smegma in my mouth, so i'm major illin) - and i'm having those not-so-lucid Nyquil moments (on the bus, in the can, etc) where my mind wanders on strange things and was literally thinking a really funny burly-drag number for stage would be Ayn Rand reading plot points from "The Fountainhead" while Male Underwear Models from a 1970's catalog would perform tableaux's of the book. I don't know how or why this meme came to me (*however note, i've long wanted to do a number that involves models from various old apparel catalogues reenacting certain works of literature) and i'm not sure why i even chose "The Fountainhead" (I've never been a fan of Rand and for the life of me can't figure out how my nyquil addled brain settled on her)... but I was floored when I read this:

Q: Why did Rand say she was so determined to see you in the role of Dagny Taggart, the female heroine in Atlas Shrugged?

Farrah:I don’t remember if Ayn’s letter specifically mentioned Charlie’s Angels, but I do remember it saying that she was a fan of my work. A few months later, when we finally spoke on the phone (actually she did most of the speaking and I did most of the listening), she said she never missed an episode of the show. I remember being surprised and flattered by that. I mean, here was this literary genius praising Angels. After all, the show was never popular with critics who dismissed it as “Jiggle TV.” But Ayn saw something that the critics didn’t, something that I didn’t see either (at least not until many years later): She described the show as a “triumph of concept and casting.” Ayn said that while Angels was uniquely American, it was also the exception to American television in that it was the only show to capture true “romanticism”—it intentionally depicted the world not as it was, but as it should be.

And "Farrah" - by the way, is none other than the late FARRAH FAWCETT... Isn't it odd that I think about posing male models in super 70's sexy underwear poses to a Rand novel and then I read this? Oh well, I found it oddly comforting to read in lieu of the Jacko-mania of late.

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Patty said...

While picturing you honking is amusing (in a cute way), I hope you are feeling better soon!